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No More Buzzing

Innovative solutions for insect and pest control.

Our Hit Product

Indoor Insect Trap

This indoor insect trap innovatively attracts and catches flying insects like mosquitoes and fruit flies. The scent pod can be filled with vinegar or salt to attract these annoying flies and the powerful fan sucks them in. At the base is is disposable sticky pad that traps the flies so cleanup mess free.

Product Range

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"Quiet & Effective"

"This amazing device does so much! First, it’s nearly silent and can be placed in any room. You can set it to automatically turn on when the lights are off. You can use the scent pod, or not - I poured in a tablespoon of red wine vinegar and it got rid of all the fruitflies within less than day. The devices comes with extra sticky pads and they’re a cinch to replace."

"Great Protection"

“We live in an area with a lot of mosquitos. Even with window screens, these suckers find a way to get into our house. After buying one for my bedroom, I haven’t noticed a single mosquito since!"

"Keeps us Safe"

“I never heard of La Crosse Encephalitis - until I got sick. It turns out, this is a common virus transmitted by mosquitoes in Minnesota. Now I have two of these devices in my house and I haven’t heard or seen a mosquito since.”

About Us

Pests are not only annoying, but can even carry disease - and we take this seriously. We know the importance of finding non-toxic and safe ways to rid your house of pests and insects. That’s why we’re singularly focused on sourcing and developing affordable, safe, and innovative products that help protect you and your family from disease and make your indoors more comfortable.


Innovative Products

We are constantly looking for new and interesting products at an affordable price.

Reduce Insect Borne Diseases

Our products safely and with no toxic chemicals rid your home of insects & pests.

Top Customer Support

We are a US-based company and we stand behind our products.

About Us
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Unique Features

Our Indoor Insect Trap has distinctive features that make it one of the best products on the market. With options like auto-on/off, this all-in-one insect trap works silently for stress-free sleep and can be easily moved from location to location.  

Warranty Claim

We stand behind our products with a hassle-free 60 day more-back guarantee.



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